Local By Nature

Select Harvests continues to commit resources towards sustainability, ensuring our business remains a valuable partner in the communities in which we operate, and that we are contributing positively towards the environment.

Our emphasis has been on responsible and proactive water management, and the management of wildlife in our almond orchards.

During 2013, we began developing a suite of company policies and procedures and communicating them to staff. These documents include an Environmental Policy, a Sustainability Policy and an Environmental and Sustainability Plan which will set out our legislative compliance requirements and incorporate wildlife plans for Select Harvests’ operations in each state.

Contributing to the community

Select Harvests continues to play an important role in supporting a number of local community activities.

The company participates in the Mallee Almond Blossom Festival attracting a large number of people from the local community and beyond to celebrate the beauty of the annual blossom, and sample a variety of local foods and wines. With over 50 stalls, this event is now becoming a highlight in the local community calendar as it showcases produce from the local area.

Environmental commitment

In conjunction with Charles Sturt University, the Victorian, New South Wales and South Australian Governments, Select Harvests has sponsored a number of projects aimed at ensuring native wildlife is not only protected in the orchard environment, but is able to be nurtured wherever possible.

Current research projects are focusing specifically on the Regent Parrot population. One project entitled, “The role of food resources in driving habitat occupancy and movement by Regent Parrots” involves the tracking of Regent Parrots in almond and other foraging areas, and at breeding sites to determine home ranges and movement pathways. Dietary data has been collected along with surveying and mapping of available food sources. The projects involve the hiring of people from Select Harvests and the local community to work with PhD students to assist in the research.