Our Mission

To deliver sustainable shareholder value by being a global leader in integrated growing, processing & marketing of almonds.

Our priority is to continuously improve the profitability for all stakeholders by leveraging our key competitive advantage, our almond assets and delight our customers and consumers with our innovative brands.

We will create long term value for our stakeholders through:

Strategy towards 2018

Control critical mass of almonds

Secure the critical mass of nuts needed to maximise profitability and leverage the global almond opportunity.

Improve crop yield and crop value

Improve yield and overall crop value by perfecting on-farm and farm-to-factory practices.

Best-in-class supply chain

Continuously improve our supply chain, achieving high quality, low cost and optimum capital utilisation.

Invest in Industrial and Trading Division

Allocate resources to leverage our trading skills and grow sales in the industrial channel.

Strengthen packaged food business

Develop a new model for the packaged food category that will deliver sustainable returns above the cost of capital.

Fix our systems and processes

Develop the business systems and processes required to be a global industry leader.

Non-Organic Growth

Acquire businesses in related categories leveraging existing capabilities that are EPS accretive and deliver sustainable returns above our cost capital.

Engage with our people and our stakeholders

Engage with investors and our industry while developing the team required to be a global industry leader.